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Time Saving

Research shows that 60% of the time which startup founders spent is on looking for investors database and prospecting strategic investors by sending cold emails and scheduling meetings with them or sending webinar invitations for pitching. Startuppz helps the founders to save their time by providing data of more than 20000 strategic investors according to the startup’s needs including emails and phone numbers for mass marketing or mass approach; thus saving the valuable time of founders so that they can spend more time on business growth. ​

20000 Investors Database

Research also shows that 90% startups fail in their first two years of business because of they are unable to talk or approach enough number of right investors who can invest into their business. Startuppz has a trusted strategic network of 20000+ Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms, Startup Incubators, Accelerators which gives founders leverage to approach thousands of investors in less than a day.

Entering New Markets 

Startup founders don't know who to approach for getting investment overseas. Startuppz through their global investors database helps founders to get database of international investors as well.​

Strategic Partnership

Most founders are unable to found a strategic investor for their startup. Startuppz main focus is only on strategic investors because we believe that investors with relevant connections and experience are a highly important part for exponential growth of a startup.​

100% Refund if not Satisfied

Get a 100% refund if not satisfied from 7 days of subscription.

World’s Most Exclusive

Most Exclusive Data. All the database of Startuppz is most exclusive in the whole industry

100% Accurate Data

1% for Society 

 1% of our gross profits are donated for social welfare.

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1% for Society 

 1% of our gross profits are donated for social welfare.

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Emails & Phone Number 

Startuppz also provide emails and phone numbers of investors and startups in their database for mass email marketing of deals or goods & services.

Ease of Use

Startuppz is super convenient to use as compared to other platforms out there.

Free Cold Email Course

Cold Investor Approach Free Course

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Raise your millions just by spending few dollars.

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Startuppz is recommended by Global Investors Network for fundraising of startups and SME’s

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Join thousands of founders who are using Startuppz to raise their millions.

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