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Who are we?

Startuppz is a SaaS platform which provides investors and startups detailed database for fundraising and sales growth of Startups & SME’s all around the world respectively. As being the leading investors & startups database provider in the Great North America, Startuppz is for the real change makers of the world, The Entrepreneurs. Here at Startuppz we provide right investors for your startups and right potential ideal clients for your startup with our exclusive and 100% verified database of more than 20K Investors and 200K Startups data for the greatest entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses exponentially. You are a very smart entrepreneur and Startuppz is for all smart entrepreneurs choice! Thats why thousands of smart entrepreneurs around the globe are using our platform for investors & startups database that’s why our subscribers are skyrocketing. You are just one step way from raising millions and one back click away from losing the chance to raise millions! Decision is in your hands.

Our Vision


We believe that every problem in this world can be solved by entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to help small to medium sized businesses to go to their next level. Helping them to achieve an exponential growth with our premium quality consulting services. We are a purpose driven organization whose each and every decision is aligned with its purpose and the short, inter-mediate and long term goals leading to the fulfilment of its purpose.

In this age of information it's hard to make a decision that's why it's very important to be crystal clear on your purpose and have organised knowledge helping in fulfilling that purpose.

We measure each and everything in our organisation as well as our client's business which helps us to have better predictions and to understand the cause and effect. We love data as it never lies and gives the confidence to any organization to predict their future.

We focus on cultivating long term relationships and partnerships which helps in creating momentum inorder to produce substantial results for us and for our clients.

90% of our staff members are female as we believe that women are not given enough opportunities according to their capability and are undermined. 

Our team is highly diversified with staff members from USA, UK, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Brazil, Lebanon and Egypt.


Constant Improvement
Mental Toughness


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